Thursday, July 21, 2005

Another Pair

I've finished another pair of socks. These are toe-up,peasant heel socks done in Confetti Superwash Color #3005.

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I carefully matched the starting points of both socks (using two separate balls of yarn) so that the pattern on both socks matched exactly, then knit both socks at the same time on one long circular needle, thus avoiding the dreaded "Second Sock Syndrome". Using a Peasant Heel makes this maneuver easier, it also ensures that the self patterning across the instep of the foot remains intact, unlike some other heel styles.

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dragon knitter said...

i'm showing my sock-dorkiness, but is a peasant heel like an afterthought heel?

Marlene said...

Yes. The only difference being that with an "afterthought" heel you decide after-the-fact where you want the heel and then snip a central stitch and unravel stitches on either side of it then knit the heel from there. In the Peasant Heel a contrasting yarn is actually knit into the sole half of a round and you pull it out, after knitting the rest of the sock, to reveal "live" stitches which are then picked up to knit the heel. The contrast yarn is really the only difference between the two methods.

Not "sock-dorky" at all. A year ago I didn't know either.

Rabbitch said...


I'm not ready to take up a new obsession yet, though.

Michelle said...

Nice socks! I love Confetti and after trying many other brands, I'm still partial to Confetti.

Marlene said...

The Confetti has been my favorite so far too Michelle. How nice that it's one of the less pricey brands!

Maggie Ann said...


Jewels said...

wow - that is a great looking pair of socks!!