Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The End

I have come to the end of a huge bag of wool/mohair rovings that were very generously given to me. These two spools full of singles are the last of it.

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Because I am a new spinner and my work is getting better as I practice, I was afraid to alternate between projects. I figured if I left the wool/mohair to work on some of my other stuff, when I came back to it I would have (more)inconsistencies in the WPI, so I diligently stuck with this one project all the way to the end. When I get the last two bobbins plied I'll wash the whole lot up for you and take a picture. I'm still not sure what I'll make with it. Got any suggestions for a slightly itchy wool/mohair blend? I think it will be about a "sportsweight" yarn, but I'll double check after it's washed. It feels lovely and reasonably soft to the hand, but it is a little too scratchy to wear next to my bare skin. I wonder if I have enough for a small afghan/throw?

As a reward for my stick-to-it-iveness I allowed myself a little dip into my waiting stash of roving. These three wool rovings were purchased from Seabird Island reserve. The white is from their own sheep, the dark brown and grey were traded with another producer.

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Each of the rovings is quite different to spin. The white feels greasy and spins compact and smooth, but I suspect that it will fluff up when the skeins are washed. The dark brown is not as soft and a fair number of neps make it a little harder (for me) to spin consistently. The grey is to die for! It feels lovely and soft in the hand, has no neps and little to no VM. It spins into a lovely, even single. I could spin the grey VERY thin....if the other two would cooperate and do the same.....but they are all destined for the SAME final project (a fairisle sweater or two) so I have to try to get them to come out the same. Should be fun. With this big undertaking, I think I WILL alternate between the three wools, spinning and plying one skein of each throughout, so that I don't get carried away and spin the grey to a consistency I cannot reach with the other two.


Rabbitch said...

You GO, girl! Went to my first spinning lesson and spin-in (spin-off?) today and I'm truly hooked. Got invited to a second one on Saturday in Abbotsford and, dog willing, may well be there with the trusty Lily.

Isn't this GRAND?

Felicia from sweetgeorgia said...

Oh! Your spinning is looking great!