Thursday, July 14, 2005

It Wept

My newest plant is weeping for joy. It IS joy isn't it?! It wouldn't be weeping because it came to live at my house would it? Just because the rose gave up the ghost in short order? Could those be tears of fear? Say it isn't so!

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Any of you plant experts out there want to tell me why this plant is weeping? I was brave and tasted one of those drops and it tasted like plain ordinary water. I haven't misted the plant and it is not in a moist location.


Milinda said...

Don't do that again. The layman's name for this plant is "dumb cane" as its tears can render you speechless. It is a gorgeous plant but if you have small children or plant eating critters, it is best to keep it out of reach because of its toxity.

Marlene said...

Oh. Oops. Hmm....didn't work it's magic on me.

Julie Tait said...

Yes, I'm aware this post is over 11 years old, but I'd never heard about this Diffenbachia plant dripping watr before, so did a search online. Someone may be interested in knowing what it's all about...


Guttation is a physical reaction that the dieffenbachia experiences after consistent overwatering. When the dieffenbachia is consistently overwatered, its roots begin to absorb more water than it is able to process. The buildup of water is excreted through the margins of the dieffenbachia's foliage in sap form.


Excess water, as well as low amounts of light, promotes the development of guttation. To control and prevent guttation, reduce the dieffenbachia's water intake and increase its sunlight and air circulation. Place the dieffenbachia in a warm, sunny location that provides a full day's sunlight. Be sure that the location is well-ventilated and away from drafty locations.

Just found this blog a couple of days ago and am enjoying browsing through it. Worked my way backwards for a year, then decided to start at the beginning! Love those elf dolls, never seen them before (I'm in the UK). Keep up the good work on here! ;-)

Marlene said...

Thanks Julie, for the very interesting information, and for the compliment on my blog too. Who would have ever thought that it was possible for me to actually over water a plant?! Usually plants have to lie down and beg, gasping for water around here.