Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Toothpick Needles

It's small, but it IS a FO (finished object)....a little lace knitter pin. The "needles" are toothpicks with beads on the end.

Image hosted by

I didn't actually KNIT with the toothpicks (approximately a 2mm), they would be too short to handle easily. I DO own and knit with 2mm needles though.


Anonymous said...

This is very very should make up some as fridge magnets and sell them at your local craft fair!!!!!!

Happy BC Day,

Marlene said...

Great idea Suzanne.......except that I don't enjoy making things more than once. Life is too short to do "repeats" when there are so many interesting and NEW things to try.

Jewels said...

what a cute idea!

Michelle said...

That is so adorable! If you don't mind, I'd like to swipe your idea and make one as a Christmas ornament and a pin.

Marlene said...

The idea isn't original to me either Michelle. I found the basic pattern and the idea on the Lace Knitters Yahoo Group. The original had a centered eyelet "L" which I didn't care for, so I came up with an alternate pattern for the inside motif.