Friday, July 08, 2005

Almost Lost 'Er

There were a few stomach churning moments yesterday afternoon when I thought I had REALLY done a number on my shawl and would be experiencing a large amount of frogging. I was knitting on the Peacock Feathers Shawl and was a little forgetful when working row 80 (a wrong side row, mostly purl stitches, but requiring a k1,p1 into the occasional double yarn over from the previous row). In several places I missed that "k1, p1" and just purled twice into the stitch. I didn't discover it until the next row when I kept coming across long, loopy bits. I knew what was wrong, but my efforts to correct it were nearly my undoing. At one point I even dropped all the stitches of a double central decrease! *gasp*

It was at that point that the phone rang and I spent the next hour or so talking to a friend. It seems that that break was just what was needed. After preparing dinner, eating and cleaning up, I came back to the knitting expecting to find it hopeless. I was pleasantly surprised. A little fiddling and it all came safely together and I was able to continue knitting. Frogging averted. *whew*

Today begins with row 86. Charts one and two are complete, a life line is in place, and all is well.

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