Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Knitting Both Ends

Kind of like the candle that is burnt at both ends, perhaps knitting this scarf at both ends will make it go faster? Well it might you know! After knitting a row once, I might as well knit it again while it's still fresh in my memory.

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(It will look much better after it is blocked.)

There IS another good reason for knitting this scarf from both ends though. You know how the "Branching Out Scarf" has a tendency to pull up in the center at the beginning? (Well maybe you weren't aware of that. Anyway, the center pulls into an inverted "V" until it is blocked.....and then still threatens to return to that shape) I found that rather annoying so I'm trying out a modification to the pattern. To avoid the beginning "V" I am avoiding having a beginning. :-D This also takes care of the issue of directional lace scarves having ends that do not match.

Modification for "Branching Out" scarf.

Using a circular needle and a Provisional cast on, cast on 28 stitches . Knit 11 inches (back and forth) as follows, beginning and ending with a right side row:

Right side: K5, *p2, k2. Repeat from * to last 3 stitches. K3.
Wrong side: K3, *p2, k2. Repeat from * to last stitch. K1.

With the last row still on the needle, remove the waste yarn from the Provisional Cast On while picking up the stitches. Be sure to have both ends facing the same direction!

Next row: K3, (p4, p2tog) 3X, p4, k3.

Begin chart for "
Branching Out" working across both ends, each with a separate ball of yarn. Knit to desired length and finish as directed in "Branching Out" pattern.


Lani said...

ahhh, I like that modification a lot; I think I just may use that on my next branching out (and there will be another one!).

Dave said...

Very clever - me likes!

Lorraine said...

Bravo! Your ideas are brilliant.