Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Last Knit

This is hilarious! "The Last Knit". What a knitter!

Michelle pointed it out first.


~Kristie said...

Thanks for sharing. That was hysterical!! Only a true knitter will understand it though.

Lauri said...

That was very funny!

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Marlene....could you recommend a wool roving brand or seller to me...I need an idea where to look. I'm watching 2 wool rovings on ebay. I want to try the drop spindle I'm making. I've got my mind set on black or grey and thats hard to find. One seller is in Scotland...with black & the other is white roving. All I know is I need a medium weight wool roving. Can I go wrong here?

Marlene said...

So far Maggie Ann I've purchased all my wool and rovings locally, either from small dealers who live nearby or from more distant businesses who had displays at a nearby Fibrefest. If you contact your closest Spinners and Weavers guild they should be able to name a few local businesses.

My nearest suppliers (Sunbench Fibres and Seabird Island Reserve) have gone out of business.

Short or slippery fibers are not so good to learn on. Merino is a difficult one until you get the hang of it. I believe my first was a small bag of Corridale I picked up at Fibrefest. I thought it was lovely.

Maybe some of my blog readers could pipe up and mention their favorite wool dealers? Or perhaps follow you back to your blog and comment there.

Any time you need to contact me directly Maggie Ann, my email address is available on my Profile page.

Maggie Ann said...

Thanks Marlene...I'll call someone I met at a recent craft fair(in fact, I did call her tonight to see if she had anything to sell but didn't think to ask for her source), she was spinning wool. I'll check back here to see if anyone suggests anything here in the States too. You're nice to help me out here.