Saturday, September 23, 2006

Miffed About Muffin

My daughter had a staff dinner to attend last night. Her husband was working out of town for the weekend so she asked me to attend with her. I am honored and delighted that she thinks enough of me to introduce me to her bosses and co-workers. She allowed me to step into her "other world" for a few hours.

It reminds me of a conversation we had when she was younger. She had commented how it felt weird when any of her family members would show up at school, or at a job site and her worlds would collide. She wasn't complaining, it was just a comment about how you expect different people to be in different places and when one or the other shows up "misplaced" it feels odd. Like meeting your school teacher in the grocery store.

Anyway, while we were gone Monkey entertained our dog, Shelby. Or vice versa? Monkey was a little miffed that we were out having steak dinner while all he got was a leftover muffin.

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Well Monkey shouldn't have complained, we found out this morning that Shelby was not fed at all!


Dianna said...

Now were Shelby one of my dogs, that little hank of yarn in the background would have disappeared into his crate to pay me back for not feeding him! LOL Or maybe just because it was there and they're developing quite a discriminating taste for my fibers!

Marlene said...

Trust a spinner to notice the little hank of yarn in the background! ;-)

Shelby is an extraordinary dog in that she goes out of her way to avoid my handwork. She loves my chair but won't sit in it if I have left my knitting there. If she accidently gets stuck in my yarn as she plays nearby she will stop dead in her tracks and wait to be untangled. One time, during a particularly disasterous attempt to warp a loom she walked in, saw threads everywhere in the small room and actually BACKED out rather than risk turning around!

Marlene said...

Oh, and there is something special about that little hank of yarn. When I lent my old spinning wheel to my daughter I sent along all the bobbins, two of which had a few yards of spun singles on them. She plyed them together and brought them back to me. Did a pretty darn good job of the plying too!

Dave said...

Is that a banana muffin? :-)

Maggie Ann said...

That muffin is going to give Monkey some bulging hips...thinking of the old saying...a second on the lips and a lifetime on the hips. Actually, I think I hate that saying....grin. And, I remember feeling that way...about people showing up at different places than you expect them to be. Still do. I am loving my new purchase of soft!

Marlene said...

It was lemon-cranberry Dave. (Monkey shared with me.)

KnitnZu said...

Hey Marlene, Thanks for your comment at skc about the blue edit tag and trash can. I thought I'd seen them when I accessed the blog from work...memory lapse I guess. What is a smile cultivator? Made me smile! Shelby is a cutey and from comments here a really bright creature. Not so much our still a pup Zuzu, she was too close to a bat that tested positive for rabies (not sure they actually were in physical contact), so now she's quarantined (thankfully at home) until Nov 1. After 16 years with a bright and intense border collie, we are enjoying this sweet and PERHAPS not quite as intense 1/2 poodle, 1/4 lab, 1/4 border collie. Good luck being patient until the grandbaby arrives, Lisa