Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Brief Updates

Fitness: I'm not fully recovered from the nasty virus, but I did manage a full workout at the gym and felt much better for it. One can only take so much sitting around.

Knitting: Continuing with the occasional swatch for the Master Knitters program.

Finished the left side of the Culdesac Vest and I'm well into the knitting of the right side.

I'm waiting on the yarn for the correct colorway (was mistakenly sent the wrong one) for the Dale of Norway sweater, "Team USA Olympic 2002". When I receive that I'll be joining the other knitters in the Dale of Norway knit-a-long. (Yahoo group that is now closed to additional members).

Spinning: Combing my way through a large batch of rather coarse wool hand dyed in shades of blue to purple.

Spun a mini skein of beautiful black alpaca 2 ply. Gorgeous stuff! Too bad I lost some of it to a snarl in an attempt to ply from both ends of a center pull ball. *sigh*


dragon knitter said...

glad to hear you were feeling well enough to work out. that always helps.

and i'm sorry to hear about the alpaca. i've been doing a lot of center pull plying myself.

Marlene said...

I should stay away from the technique Minnie. I often end up in tangles. My problem lies with taking it off the ball winder. I get a few wraps in the wrong spot --- instant snarls.

I WAS going to do the alpaca from two seperate bobbins but then forgot to weigh it before I began so I could put half on each bobbin. Not wanting to waste any, I decided to put it all on one bobbin and then ply from both ends. Ended up wasting more with the snarls. grrr. Oh well, it wasn't a large amount anyway. Even if I had managed to keep it all I would have had to be quite creative to find a project small enough.