Monday, January 22, 2007

Masters Monday - 2

You didn't think I had forgotten did you? It occurred to me this morning that those of you living further East, in different time zones, are well into your day by the time I will get around to posting my progress on the Masters Program each Monday. So, for further clarification, it will be around noon Pacific Time on Mondays that I finally get around to posting what I did for the week.

You know --- in case you were waiting on pins and needles --- 'er somethin'.

This week I exceeded my goal of completing two swatches per week, and I have three for your viewing pleasure.

Top left: Swatch 6 - Lifted Increase.
Top Right: Swatch 14 - Horseshoe Cable
Bottom: Swatch 5 - M1 (Make 1) Increase

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I jumped ahead and did swatch 14 so that I could answer a few questions that pertain to swatches 1 - 3, and 14.


Dorothy said...

Good for you! Spurred on by you, I took out my notebook to see where I was and to figure out what of my current swatches I could keep. I had to toss three of them because the guidelines have changed. I sorted and organized the rest. I was dismayed that I wasn't as far along as I thought, but I have at least as much done as you accomplished this weekend! This week I will do a little bit more - I promise.

Laura said...

As before, your swatches are awesome. I particularly love the horseshoe cable. I may need to incorporate that into something one of these days... Hm. ;-)

Maggie Ann said...