Monday, January 29, 2007

Masters Monday - 3

Can you see a difference? I can't see a difference.

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On the top left we have Swatch 7 - SSK and K2tog Blended Decreases. Next to it, top right, is Swatch 8 SKP and KSP Decreases. I know the photo doesn't give you a close-up look at the details, but really, even with the swatches sitting right here in front of me I can't see much of a difference between the two. Perhaps the SKP decreases on the right of Swatch 8 look a little straighter than the SSK decreases on the right of Swatch 7, but if so, the difference is so slight I wouldn't choose the SKP. I find the SSK much easier to perform.

On the bottom we have Swatch 9 - K2tog and SSK Full-fashioned Decreases. The idea with full-fashioned decreases is that they are supposed to show in a decorative fashion. Meh. I don't particularly care for it. If I was wanting a more visible/decorative decrease line I would incorporate twisted stitches or a cable of some kind.

Edited April 30, 2007 to add: Evaluators noted on these swatches that the decreases were correctly made, but slightly stretched. They suggested working the decreases on the tips of the needles to minimize stretch.

Some of the decreases are shown in a video HERE. The KSP from the Masters program is the one listed as "KRPR".


jill said...

While I think they are all beautifully done, I think that Swatch 8 SKP and KSP decreases are much smoother looking, almost invisible.

Are you enjoying the Masters program? I have toyed with going through it but just have not taken the leap yet.

Marlene said...

I've been knitting most of my life Jill and already, even in Level 1, the program is forcing me to look at my knitting in fresh new ways, questioning "the way I've always done it", looking for other alternatives. I think it's a great program and well worth the time it takes. In the end I'll be a better knitter for it.

nancy said...

Hi Marlene,

I like swatch #8 as the other ones I have used and have not been all that happy with the decreases. I agree with Jill #8 seems invisible which makes sense since it is a purl decrease.

I am getting more excited to start my level I as soon as my yarn arrives.

I can see from your work that I am going to learn a lot!

Your swatches seem to be PERFECT! Lets just hope the examiners think the same way!

Thanks for sharing your work!

Lorraine said...

Hi Marlene- I think when I worked in the LYS- we decided that K2TogTBL was the same as SSK. Or something like that.
I admire your patience and fortitude- it does make you look at your knitting in a whole new way.

PJ said...

I'm commenting out of order, but boy, does your daughter look CUTE!!!!! Ayway, I don't usually comment on your Master's Knitting, but I really enjoy it..the link you gave I've put in my favorites..Please don't look at my knitting work on my blog decreases are ALL over the place (crochet is my comfort) I really have a lot to learn and practice. Your very inspiring to do this.

Kenj said...


I came to this post tonight to compare my swatch to yours because after having done so before, I reworked mine to match your better quality.

But I am seeing something here that I think might be an error- it looks to me like you have three rows between each decrease on swatch number 9. The way I read the instructions, the decreases are supposed to occur every other RS row. Am I reading them wrong? Or am I not seeing your swatch correctly?

Marlene said...

Wow, I'm flattered Kenj!

You are reading the directions correctly. The decreases are every other right side row (every 4th row, on the right side). That is how mine are done.

If you look carefully at your knitting you will see that the point where it looks like two stitches overlapping each other is actually the row BELOW the decrease row. The single stitch above that is the actual row the decrease is on. Look at my swatch. You can probably count the rows from there. There are 3 rows between and the 4th is the next decrease row.

Kenj said...

Oh yippee! Thanks for clarifying! I would have been really, really bummed if I had them returned because of that mistake.