Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Passing Spences Bridge

With the 6 miles I ran on the ellipitical trainer at the gym today I'm now three miles past Spences Bridge and heading toward Ashcroft.


PJ said...

6 miles? WAY TO GO!

Marlene said...

PJ, every day that I get to the gym (usually 5 days a week) I put in about 6 miles, more or less, depending on how fast I pace myself on the elliptical trainer. Somedays I struggle more than others. Today, despite being on for the same amount of time, I only made 5.69 miles. I should point out though that it is not like RUNning 6 miles on the street. The arm action provides a bit of an assist that you wouldn't get jogging unless you used cross-training poles.

Still, I run with a heart rate at around 150 bpm for the entire 45 minutes, so I'm no slacker.