Friday, January 05, 2007

Once, Twice, ....

What a difference a yarn makes. This is the beginning of the Cludesac vest from Knitter's Fall 2003. Twice.

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The more orange colored one at the top is done in "Naturally Luxury double knit", a 50% wool/50% mohair blend, shade 992.

I should have known better. In fact, I DID know better but turned a deaf ear to the whisperings of my inner voice. Okay, so the inner voice was shouting but I chose to listen to the LYS owner instead. I KNEW it was too fuzzy, too drapey, and too orange. But I WANTED it to be right. It was 40% off and the only thing that even came close to being acceptable for this project. And I really, really wanted to knit this vest.

So I ignored my inner wisdom and past experience, listened to an outside source, purchased the yarn, cast on, and knit and knit, incorporating cables that were blurred into a background that was too fluid and drapey for the structure of the vest, in a color that is not flattering to me. Dumb.

Right when I had finally admitted this wool/mohair was NOT going to work, I remembered some yarn in my stash. I don't have a large stash. Mostly it's just leftovers from finished projects. You know, half a ball of this, an extra skein of that? Well it just so happens that I had more than six balls of "Online Linie 21 Marly", a beautifully soft superwash merino wool. I originally bought it for a sweater but found when I washed the swatch it relaxed like crazy. I scrapped the original project (the pattern was poorly written), and I've since wound the wool into skeins and washed it so it should be okay.

So now I've reknit that portion of the back and it's much more successful. The difference is even more apparent in person. The color is way better for me, the yarn does not blur out the cables, and it's sturdy enough to support the more structured nature of this particular design.

Oh. I don't know if you've noticed it, but the first try had a mistake anyway. I didn't realize that until I was looking at the pictures. I miscrossed the first "loop" on the right side . This isn't the first time a mistake previously unnoticed has jumped right out at me in a photograph. I'm glad I didn't knit the whole darn thing before discovering that. Heh.


Kate said...

I just love it, looks marvellous.

Kim in Oregon said...

That's really pretty. Why don't they do any thing good anymore in that mag?

Michelle said...

Squee! Culdesac Vest. I loved knitting this one and yours looks fantastic. I'm glad you changed your mind and listened to your inner wisdom after all. Much better.

Marlene said...

Thanks Kate and Kim, this is a fun project and, in this second version, the cables are standing out beautifully.

Michelle, reading about your lovely vest was what prompted me to go in search of the pattern. I ended up buying a back issue through eBay.

PJ said...

Love seeing your 'mistake' and your new makes it all worth while! Thanks for sharing your inner fight with it all!

Nancy said...

I love the vest! It is beautiful!

nanknits said...


the vest is gorgeous. The deep red you chose is so rich. I bought the pattern a couple of months ago and started last week. I'll be interested to watch your progress. This is my first cable project, so it may be a while before I finish.