Monday, January 15, 2007

Masters Monday

Way back in October I posted about "Going For the Master's" as I began my quest to get my Master Knitter's certification. Then you never heard another word about it.

Truth is, in my perfectionist attitude, I was paralyzed by my imperfections. I could not let go and move on. Each swatch took days and numerous reknitting sections and still I was unhappy with the end result.

Not long ago I took my Latvian mittens to a guild meeting and in the process of "Show and Tell" pointed out the flaws and apologized for them. A perceptive fellow member said in tongue in cheek exasperation "Get OVER it!". She's right. Taken too far perfectionism can be paralyzing. Instead of becoming better we stagnate, never moving ahead because we fear not doing it "perfect".

With that in mind, each Monday I will be posting my progress for the week on the Master Knitter's program. I'm hoping I'll be able to do all the research, knitting, blocking and labeling for two swatches each week. If I don't "perfectly" accomplish that goal, I'll still show you what I DID do.

So far I have four of the sixteen swatches done. They are a lot more work than they appear to be! A lot of time is taken in research and trying different methods out. No --- they are not perfect. As far as I know there are no actual "mistakes" and they are as close to perfect as I can get them and I'm letting go.

Sort of.

Well, I'm trying.

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(It still makes me twitch to look at them.)

Paula, Dorothy, how are you coming along with the program?
Vicki, Laura, did you ever decide to give it a go?


Lorraine said...

They look pretty darned good from here.
I've learned that in handknitting, there is no such thing as perfect, and that's the beauty of it.
Don't be so hard on yourself. This is supposed to be a pleasure.

aija said...

They look great from my monitor. I'm very interested in watching your progress :)

Dorothy said...

Am I the Dorothy you're referring to? I feel quite guilty in that I haven't touched it in a long time. I actually have all the swatches done, just the paperwork reports, etc. Since I enrolled, they've changed it and I just got the updated instructions a couple of weeks ago. I need to sit down and see what I may need to do over. Maybe watching you get yours done will spur me on - ya think?

Jeanne said...

I started TKGA's Master program in August and got about as far as you did before life happened. The urge to get back into it is returning. Your swatches look amazing. I really wouldn't worry too much if I were you! ;-)

Marlene said...

Lorraine and Aija, thanks for the encouraging words. I have more trouble letting go of my perfectionism with these swatches than I do with my regular day to day knitting. Somehow the idea that someone will be examining them VERY closely has me a little rattled. I've decided to just submit them and deal with any redo requests as they occur. I'm in this to learn.

Dorothy and Jeanne, I invite you to come by on Mondays and report on your progress if you think it will help motivate you. Knowing you will come by and check on ME will certainly spur me on!

Laura said...

Your swatches sure look perfect from here. Take a deep breath. Let it out slowly... ;-)

I've been doing so much obligation knitting, that I haven't even thought about it, Marlene! Maybe after I get this scarf done, and the afghan started, and then there are next sweater and pair of socks that I want to knit... LOL

Maggie Ann said...

That is very impressive. You have exceptional talent and are a wonderful teacher. I love seeing what you are doing. We're just home from our trip to our daugher's and I'm tired and juggling the laundry...ready for bed too...=).

marti said...

at least you are trying. i couldn't get past the "no pet fiber" rule.

Nicole said...

Looks good to me. What yarn are you using?

Marlene said...

Marti, I have trouble with pet hair too. I have to check my swatches over very carefully before I can call them done.

Nicole, I'm using Patons Classic Wool Merino. I've tried Knitpicks Bare Peruvian Wool. I find they are very similar in the way they work up.

Vicki said...

Your swatches look very nice and the tags (attached to the correct corner, I might add) look very professionally done. You've got the right attitude. Just work through them and send them in--if you need to do one over, it's not that big a deal.

I'm quite the perfectionist, too, and that was how I dealt with the program (passed in 2005). You'll probably be your own worst critic but as long as you follow the rules, exactly, you'll be fine. :)