Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Running Back

Over the past year I've shed 40 pounds. (I won't say "lost" as they didn't simply go missing, it was a lot of work. Also, I have no desire to "find" them again!)

I dieted sensibly for about 7 months to reach my goal. Last April, when I had about 5 pounds to go, I started working out at a gym as well. I've kept it up and now, at 47 years of age, I'm fitter than I have been in my entire life.

(Fall of 2005) BEFORE
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(Late Spring, 2006) AFTERPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In addition to a couple of weight training workouts each week, I run on an elliptical trainer daily, Monday to Friday, 40 minutes each session, 45 if you include the cool down period. In that time I cover a little more than 6 miles. I don't find it boring. My mind relaxes and I find myself in a euphoric zone that is addicting. I look forward to my workouts. Quite an accomplishment for someone who was an asthmatic, unfit child/teenager who did poorly in P.E. and looked for excuses to ditch the class. (If Ms. Cunningham could only see me now.)

In the spirit of "Runagogo", but in my usual fashion of working out alone and setting my own pace, I've decided to run all the way from Chilliwack back to my childhood home town of Prince George. That's 329 miles. If all goes well I could do it by the Runagogo deadline of April 1st. I've already run past the first town, Hope.


Dandy said...

Marlene, thats great! and you look terific too! About 3 yrs ago I dropped about 30 lbs... I was watching Oprah one day ( one of her diet shows) and they said don't eat after 7 pm and drink lots of water...eating lots of smaller healthy meals and that little rumble in your tummy when it says feed me.. just ingore it... and well it worked!!
I'm now ( and have been for 3 yrs) the size I was just before I had DJ ( thats 12 yrs ago)

Anyway... keep up the great work!!

Robknits said...

Congratulations -- I am fighting that same fight! And.. you've been tagged! See the details on my blog at

The Spindling Scot said...

You are a real inspiration! I have to dump 20lb this year. Any tips?


Uli said...

Good for you............ that's wonderful. I have to work very hard at it but I've just started out again and so I love to hear inspiring stories.

Nicole said...

Good for you! Keeping the weight off is especially difficult during this time of year. For me, I find that eating popcorn and a handful of nuts for lunch is filling and a reasonably balanced way to cut out the calories if I'm going to be going out for dinner or something. This helped me take off 20 lbs last year for my sisters wedding.

Marlene said...

Dandy, I never was much of an evening snacker and I drink a lot of water. I had to cut out sugar and refined flour. I occasionally have those things now, but five days a week I am burning 450 or more calories in my workouts. Even still, if I'm not watchful the weight wants to creep back on.

Judy, Dedication and commitment are key ingredients. With them any sensible diet and exercise program will be successful over time. It took me years to realize that it wasn't about finding the "right" diet or the "right" exercise program, but rather the right frame of mind.

Nicole, the holiday season can be very difficult, and I knew that, so rather than start my diet after the holiday damage was already done, I made a commitment on November 25, stuck with it, and actually LOST 10 pounds by New Years. I was still a long ways from my goal but it felt so good to be on the right track. I'm not much into making resolutions on New Years. The best time to make a life style change is in the NOW.

~Kristie said...

GOOD FOR YOU!! Congratulations on losing the weight & keeping it off. I've always battled to maintain my weight, but ever since marrying my husband 3 years ago, I've packed on an additional 15 pounds (and I was a bit overweight to start with).

DH & I have joined the gym, but I'm definitely going to take your recommendation about cutting out the refined flour and sugar (which might kill me)!

Maggie Ann said...

Wow! I am impressed and I love your point of view. I need to give up flour and sugar too. I'm a terrible sweets eater. I start out fine but end up in my sweets 'rut'. Thanks for the inspiration!

Michelle said...

Wow, you are truly inspirational, Marlene. I was always thin until 4 years ago when I had my daughter. It's time for me to get cracking on my weight and do something about adding more exercise and less cookie dough into my daily routine. LOL Thanks for the motivation.