Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Beat Goes On

I think my daughter has inherited my fascination with the fiber arts. She thought she would never knit. But now she does. She thought she would never spin. But now she does that too.

She resisted weaving. As argument she listed all the knitting and spinning she already had on the go and insisted that with a new baby she didn't have time to take up yet another hobby. When we were at Fibrefest a while back I whet her appetite for weaving by suggesting that we "rest our feet" and "kill a little time" by watching a demonstration of the knitter's loom.

Psssh. She was a pushover! After the 30 minute demo I merely had to suggest that the knitter's loom is a lot like my rigid heddle loom and she might want to --- you know, take it for a while and see how she liked weaving. Heh. I believe she whimpered a little, called me a "Beeotch" and said that I was some kind of fibery "pusher" 'er somethin'.

When I heard she was bringing Kaylen over for a visit today I slyly suggested she might want to bring along some of her fingeringweight leftover yarns, the stuff she no longer has a use for. Heh. Next thing she knew we were warping the loom together and she was trying her hand at weaving.

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And doing a darn good job too!

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I sent her home with the loom and the suggestion that she might want to weave runners for her beautiful new bedroom suite. Betcha we'll be warping up the loom for that project within a couple of weeks. ;-)

Michelle, just give in. Resistance is futile.
Gillian, if you need a weaving companion --- try teaching one.


Paula said...

You are a devious one! I'll bet it won't even be a couple of weeks.

Alison said...

(Hey, you guys, don't tell Marlene I got given two Leclerc four-harness floor looms I never learned how to use. I'd be toast if you tell on me.)

Alison said...

p.s. (Rargh. Blogger isn't letting me put my new address.)

Marlene said...

Not to worry Alison, I understand. I have an 8 harness table loom with a stand. Warping it is challenging so it sees less use than it should. These little looms (inkle, rigid heddle, and "nail" looms) are so simple that they are a real pleasure to use. Not that the 8 harness isn't, just that it requires more than a passing fancy to muster the courage to set up a project.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Geeze . . ya'd think you could at least trust your mother . . . .

Ruinwen said...

Your daughter is doing some lovely weaving. :)

Laura said...

Wow. It's gorgeous!

Laura said...

P.S. Your daughter has definitely inherited your flair for yarn crafts. :-)

P.P.S. I have a loom I was given as a child, and that's about all I know about it. No instructions or anything. Do *you* know what it is, where I can find info on how to use it? Picture here.