Wednesday, May 02, 2007

While I'm Waiting

My knitty-fingers got fidgety while I was waiting for the Lace Edged Denim Sweater to dry during it's blocking and I cast on for this:

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This is the beginnings of the Swallowtail Shawl from Interweave Knits, Fall 2006. I'm doing it in the 2 ply laceweight that I spun up from the lovely Bluefaced Leiscester included with the Spindlewood Co. spindle that I won from Spindlicity.

IF I'm able to finish the shawl (I'm concerned I may run short) I'll likely dye the finished piece.


Michelle said...

The shawl is going to be lovely, Marlene. I remember this yarn you spun, very well. It's gorgeous! I have this project set aside for my handspun, also. I'll be using the light blue superwash merino from Black Lamb.

AlisonH said...


PJ said...

You must be a very fast knitter! WOW...beautiful...that pattern is still on a list to make..someday.

Marlene said...

You and I always seem to be on very similar pathways Michelle!

I'm not a super fast knitter PJ, this project seems to be going quicker than I would have thought. So far, while still on the first pattern, it has been very easy.

Romi said...

Very nice! That's a lovely shawl. It will be gorgeous in that yarn!

Ruinwen said...

Lovely, lovely shawl! :)

Nicole said...

Very pretty. Looks good in this colour.

Marlene said...

I think I'll leave it in its natural colour for now Nicole. This creamy, yellowish natural doesn't really excite me, but it does go with most everything that I would likely wear a small shawl with. Dyeing it any other colour would actually reduce the variety of things I could wear it with.

I can always dye it another colour later.

PJ, maybe you should put it a little higher on your list. It was surprisingly easy and quick to make. All the different patterns are very logical and quick to memorize.