Friday, May 25, 2007

Nail Loom Dimensions

"Lily's Mom" asked the measurements of my nail loom.

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Jim, of Oyama Lake Alpaca Farm, made the loom using a square of white shelving and some finishing nails. The outside dimensions of the wooden square are 25cm x 25cm (9 3/4" square). The nails themselves form a 20cm square (8") and are 2.7cm from the edges (1"). There are 21 nails per side (including the shared corners) for 80 nails total. I have no idea how long the nails were, but 3cm (1 3/16") is above the surface and they aren't at all wobbly. There is 1cm (3/8") space between each nail.

Given the stretchy nature of most yarn, the square "shrinks" a little when it comes off the loom. Depending on the elastisity of the yarn used, my squares end up being 7 1/4" - 7 1/2" when finished.

How to use it: Here


Leisel said...

Oh, cool... THANK YOU!

Michelle said...

I have to be honest with you and say that I've been coming to your blog with my eyes closed...well, with one eye closed. LOL The weaving is soooo tempting! Now you've gone and given me dimensions to make a nail loom. I showed them to my husband. [sigh] LOL

Lily's Mom said...

Hi Marlene. Thanks so much for sharing the info on the nail loom. I'm thinking my hubby can have a project now. Then when he is done, I can try a new craft. Maybe even a grandchild or 2 might get interested. Happy crafting to you.

Laura said...

Your squares are fabulous!