Monday, May 14, 2007

Profile Revision May Be Needed

If you are a Blogger user and wonder why you haven't received answers to your enquires, please take a moment to revise your profile.

You may have set your email address as "visible" when you first signed up, but Blogger did something a while back that reset everyone's profiles with "hide email address". That means that when you leave a comment, even if you asked me a question, I have no way to respond to you except to leave my answer in my own comment section and hope that you eventually find your way back and also think to look in my comment section of that particular post to see if I've answered you. I'm betting a lot of my answers go unread.

There is a simple way to remedy this. Please go update your Blogger profile and while you are doing so recheck "show email address". This way I can respond to your comment/question personally and you won't have to search for my response/answer.

I take no credit for finally realizing this. I read about it first on Dave's blog, Criminy Jickets. He has asked that we pass the information on.


AlisonH said...

Good to know. Thanks!

dragon knitter said...

thanks! it's fixed!