Saturday, May 19, 2007

More About The Small Loom

Responding to a question from Leisel.

This isn't a Weavette although it is similar. It is just a board with finishing nails hammered in at regular intervals. It was made by the owners of Oyama Lake Alpaca Farm. Darlene Homenchuk and her husband were doing a small demo at Fibrefest. Only 4 of the looms were made. With the loom she provided a single sheet photocopy as instructions. No pictures, just text. If I hadn't had the demo I doubt that I could have figured it out from the instructions, although it is VERY simple to use.

I've seen the Weavette instructions here. The instructions for that are WAY more complicated than the diagonal weaving instructions I use. The little loom I have is used in the same manner as the Hazel Rose Loom. The company that makes the Hazel Rose Loom provides an instruction booklet with their product. I haven't seen it, but they mention it on their site.

The cool thing about weaving diagonally is that it is accomplished by pulling a LOOP of yarn across the loom each time. Going over and under the "warp" threads with a crochet hook, you then pull across a loop. One side of the loop ends up weaving the top corner, and the other side is pulled down and fills in the bottom corner --- without you having to go over and under again. You accomplish twice as much weaving in half the time! Also, with this little loom you fill it ONCE and you are done. It doesn't require several layers of weaving like the Weavette.

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This is a simple little loom with a very simple, but fast and effective weaving technique. The technique does require that there be a nail in each corner, which I think is absent in the Weavette? With some precise nailing, it would be very easy to make a loom like this. If you're more likely to hammer your thumb than one of the many nails necessary, Hazel Rose Looms makes beautifully finished looms in a variety of sizes.

If there is enough interest I could do a photo essay of how to weave on a simple homemade "Nail Loom". Sing out in the comments if you are interested.


Mary Griffin said...

I would love to have more information! Would you mind providing some info about the loom? Dimensions of the board, nail "square" and spacing between nails, length of the finishing nails...

This is TERRIFIC! I can't wait to get started!

Marlene said...

I hope you find your way back to read this answer Mary. I have no way of contacting people that leave comments.

Answers to some of your questions are here:;postID=1150690790540278404

If you have further questions you can email me with "Nail Loom" in the subject line. My email address is on my Blogger profile page. Unfortunately I'm going to be extremely busy with company and other obligations and commitments over the next few days. I'll try to answer any email as soon as I can.

Mary Griffin said...

Sorry for the email confusion. It is very kind of you to respond so quickly!

Best wishes!