Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Inkle Loom

I've had this Inkle loom for months now, maybe even as much as a year or more, and despite great intentions it remained unused until just last night.

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Because of my recent interest in the "nail loom" I joined a Yahoo group dedicated to small looms. That led me to another Yahoo group devoted specifically to just Inkle looms. That in turn led me to a blog with a tutorial on how to get the Inkle loom warped.

Suddenly the time seemed right to drag out the Inkle loom and a bag of old crochet cotton and finally get down to the business of warping the loom. I plunked the loom down in front of the computer and followed the pictures and explanations step by step. Within a very short time I was weaving. By evening's end I was nearly finished.

My colour and fibre choices were limited to what I had on hand and my "draft" was ultra simple, but my goal was simply to learn to warp the loom and to practise the weaving, so I'd deem the exercise a success.

I found the warping and weaving to be very easy, but keeping the selvedges even and neat was another matter. I have a feeling that it will take a lot of practise to get those looking good.

Next step? Finding something I like better for the warp. Different colours perhaps and maybe thicker --- I'll be looking for perle cotton locally.


Anonymous said...

I used to weave and if I had people to weave with, I might try it again. It's nice to see the inkle loom. Good luck with it.

Ruinwen said...

I'm glad you had some time to enjoy working with your loom. :

Marlene said...

I think I'm the opposite Gillian. I am very much a loner and prefer puttering away at my creative activities in solitude or with my husband nearby. I've participated in a couple of guild workshops where I have woven in larger groups, but I find the commotion to be distracting. The combined energies of a large group of people sticks with me and I have a hard time unwinding.

I am really enjoying working with the Inkle loom Ruinwen. I don't really know what I'll do with any bands I might create, but it is fun learning the process.

Nicole said...

SO cool! Weaving is next on my craft to-do list. I've been thinking about it for over a year... one day I'll actually buy a loom (or perhaps make one?) to give it a go.

Maggie Ann said...

Very interesting! I have to find time to get spinning again. My last attempt was rocky to say the least...grin. I think the bobbin was so unevenly wound that it made the twist just kink like mad inside the ??forget what that part is called. Brilliant of

Laura said...

There you go. Weaving again! LOL Cool loom! It looks like fun. :-)

Specialty Handcrafts said...

He there. I have a rigid heddle loom, and my new Inkle is on the way as I type. It's going to be a new adventure for me. Good luck with yours!!

Anonymous said...

I took up inkle weaving in high school and college (72-79) and am currently looking for a used inkle loom to start up again. I used to graph out 5-7 designs and after they were finished I would hand sew them together for wall hangins. Just a thought