Sunday, May 06, 2007

With Yarn To Spare

Stephanie said in her May 4 th post, "I'm knitting quickly since I've started to fear I won't have enough yarn". Although it sounds absurd, I too find myself knitting faster when there is some doubt as to whether or not I will have enough yarn for a project. It's almost as though I am trying to outrun the yarn supply. Perhaps if I knit fast enough, or constantly enough, the yarn won't have time to run out? Sound impossible?

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Ha! I proved the theory right. I knit as fast as I could and as constant as running a household would allow and --- TA DA! --- the Swallowtail Shawl is complete, and with a little yarn to spare. That little bundle of Bluefaced Leicester that was sent along with my spindle really went a long way! The shawl is having its pre-blocking bath right now. Photos in the near future.

Now what was I up to before I was distracted by this? ---- Ah yes, the Lace Trimmed Denim Sweater. More on that soon.


PJ said... fast do YOU knit? Gorgeous shawl! I guess it's like driving faster when your running out of gas? haha..

AlisonH said...

Wow, *look* at that! Gorgeous!

Me, when I'm afraid I'm going to run out of yarn, I tend to avoid the project. It can't run out if it hasn't run out, or some such weird mind game. Going faster and getting it over with, one way or another, is a far more useful approach.

Ruinwen said...

Beautiful, beautiful shawl! Glad you had enough to finish the project...and wow you knit fast! :)

Carrie said...

Yay, you made it on the shawl! Nice racing. Your spindle is really gorgeous, too.

Marlene said...

PJ and Ruinwen, I'm really not all that fast. I'm not s-l-o-w either though. I knit "lever" style (I hold my right needle like a pencil and don't remove my hand from the needle to make the stitch), which is faster than most "throwers" can achieve, but likely no faster than someone knitting continental style.

Alison, if it's going to be bad news (running out before I'm finished) I'd rather find out sooner and then get on with knitting something else or come up with some creative solution to the yarn shortage.

Thanks Carrie. It' a lovely spindle --- made even more special by the fact that I won it. I keep it in a basket near the kitchen so I can spindle in little stolen moments while waiting for pots to boil. Otherwise I generally use my spinning wheel which is faster and makes larger skeins.