Monday, July 25, 2011

All Part of the Fun

Although these sweet dolls are enjoyable to have around, part of the fun for me is in creating things for them.

Here's Mr Magoo in a new pair of shorts I made him. He had been sitting around in a sweater and wool hat when our first hot summer day finally hit. I had to take pity on him!

first attempt

I used a basic Kelly doll pattern for the shorts, taking wider seam allowance so they would fit a little smaller. I think for the next pair I'll use a different construction method allowing more of it to be done on the sewing machine, and I'll lower the waistline

Ms Muffet's outfit was made a while back, before she arrived. I'm glad it actually fits! The weather turned a bit cool again today so she threw her new, cashmere cardigan on over the sundress.

Navy Set

I've also been working on Ms Muffet's cottage/studio. The stucco has now been done and painted. Next step is shingling the roof, I think.

stucco and paint


Chriss said...

I wish I had your sewing talent!

Marlene said...

Then Chriss, you'll be happy to hear that it is a talent that can be developed. My 8th grade sewing teacher only gave me a bare pass on the condition that I never, ever take sewing again. Seems I've overcome my fear and blundering.