Saturday, July 09, 2011

Filling the House

A few things I ordered for Buttercup Cottage arrived yesterday. The little RealPuki home is starting to have a cozy look. Even though the house isn't anywhere near being finished, I couldn't resist trying out the new stuff.

new stuff

The little floor rug in the background is a hand crocheted coaster I found at a thrift store. The table and chairs, jars of "dolly treats", and the sewing machine, were ordered through eBay, and the tiny spinning wheel was a gift from a good friend.

tiny sewing machine

Petunia said that she had better eat up the fudge bars and ice-cream cones before they melt. When I complained she slyly pointed out that there was no freezer to put them away in anyway.

perishable goodies

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Christine said...

The house is really coming together well! I'm sure Petunia must have done something to earn her treat :)