Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Keeping Busy

These two recent additions are keeping me busier than a mother of twins!

I found a bit of an online tutorial on how to make dresses from lace. Using the idea I improvised and came up with this little sunset. 


Ms Muffet wanted to show you the matching bloomers underneath.


Mr Magoo wasn't left out either. He got this snug fitting little beanie.


It even has slots so the tips of his ears have room to breathe.


This is how they travel when I have to carry them about with me to try things like lace on for size. I've found it's also useful to have them on hand when I get asked the inevitable question, "What are you making?", when I ask for the salesperson to cut a piece of lace that is only .2 of a metre long.

Snug as bugs.

Closed up it looks fairly innocent and I don't look like some adult dork that .... um.... carries her dolls around with her.

Travelling case.

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