Thursday, July 07, 2011

A Handful of Eyeballs

My Dreaming Tree Studio order just arrived. Wow, 6mm is surprisingly small! I bought several different colours because I wasn't quite sure what I'd want for the character. It takes months to get an order made and shipped, and they were very reasonably priced so it made sense to just order a bunch all at once.

6mm eyes from DTS

I'm not too sure about these ones:

DTS Forest Glenn 6mm eyes

I think the orange colour around the irises make them too reptilian for the look I'm after. I think if my Soso "needs" green eyes I'll order again with a few different greens. There are plenty to choose from and they are very inexpensive!


Christy said...

those last eyeballs look almost like my real ones. The orange bits in my eyes are a little more subdued and generally read as brown rather than orange.

Marlene said...

And I'm sure you don't look reptilian Christy. I'll have to take the remark back. LOL