Friday, July 29, 2011

Tweaking the Fit

I wasn't all that happy with the bloomers of the little set I made for my RealPuki, Ms Muffet. They were too baggy and .... well .... bloomerish! So I gave that first set to the Pukipuki, Petunia because she's a bit bigger and fills them out more. So now while she rides off into the sunset on her trusty steed, "Lambie" wearing the first set......

Geet Along Little Lambie

...let's take a look at the revised set. On this purple set I did a small style revision on the bodice, and a complete overhaul on the bottoms, which are now more fitted and shorter, like panties.

The Approach

Mr Magoo was not left out either. For him I took a basic Kelly doll pattern and through a long process of trial and error and some pattern manipulation I came up with a nicely fitting pair of basic pants and a t-shirt.

Makin' His Move

He's feeling so dashing in his new threads that it gave him the confidence to make his move on his mighty fine lady friend, Ms Muffet.

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