Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Wallpaper Is Up

I worked on the Buttercup Cottage quite a bit today. The wallpaper downstairs is now hung, and the window trim is installed. Ahem.....I forgot to put the acetate windows in, but I think I can install them as I do the exterior window trim.


Petunia swears that she wasn't the one who broke the spinning wheel.



Christine said...

Ooh, love the hardwood floors!

kristo said...

It's looking SO good!!! Petunia is going to be peeved when the RealPukis arrive and kick her out.

Marlene said...

Christine the "hardwood" flooring is just a free online printout. I coated it with shellac so that it would be more durable and so it would be shiny like real flooring.

Kristo, I'm hoping the RealPuki will be kind enough to invite Petunia over for tea once in a while.

Rachael said...

Gosh that is so darned cute and seeing Petunia with the wheel reminded me of these...I have been meaning to drop you the links for a while as I though of you the moment I saw them:
I am not sure if they are the right scale or not but you might get a kick out of them anyway.

Marlene said...

Thanks Rachael! I've "favourited" those for future consideration. I think I could make a niddy-noddy for less, but the hand cards are awesome!

Rachael said...

I thought they were a bit spendy but they are TINY...You might be able to make them from BBQ skeweres or toothpicks if you had the right tools (I am thinking dental drill...)

Marlene said...

I agree, Rachael, and my husband already owns a drill bit that is small enough to do the job. I think I need to make a teeny, tiny niddy noddy for the teeny, tiny craftswoman who will be living in the teeny, tiny cottage.

LOL, That reminds me of an old, favourite children's rhyme from my childhood: Crooked Man.