Thursday, July 21, 2011

Opening the Box

Part 2 of the box opening story...


Oooo, this can't be good! It says, "Collect Customs".


Up, up! Somebody help me up. I want to see too.


You're right Pumpkin. But I don't think there's customs on RealPukis entering Canada. Maybe it's just so that the postman remembered to collect all those taxes? Wovenflame said there was lots and lots of taxes.


Ooooo, SHINY! I can see myself.


What's this Peanut? I thought Wovenflame said that both of the Wee Folk were "Sosos"? This one over here is labelled, "Roro".

Oh. Wovenflame mentioned that. The Roro belongs to Ban Sidhe and will be travelling on from here. Just the face though, *giggle*, the body is staying here and belongs to the second Soso. I know! Weird hey?


Look. What's in here?


Oh, it's a bunch of hands! Some big ones. Tthose must be the ones Wovenflame ordered for us. And some really, really small ones. Maybe those ones are for the Wee Folk?

continued in NEXT POST......

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