Friday, September 03, 2004

Don't eat these!

Don't eat these! They are NOT fruit flavored, fluorescent snackies. These are extremely sharp felting needles newly modified with color coded Sculpy handles as suggested here. This is all in preparation for tomorrow's needle felting attempt with my daughter Kristy. I bought the beginner's kit for her birthday and a few supplies for myself so that we could try this hobby out together. I didn't buy eyes from the Australian supplier, and now we are having trouble finding 3 mm, black eyes. We'll try using beads. I hope they'll work okay. Stay tuned in coming days for photos of our first efforts.


Anonymous said...

Marlene, I may have some tiny eyes you can have - I don't get time to do my bears anymore :(
I'll have a look this afternoon for you.

Marlene said...

Donna, that was so sweet of you! I did eventually find some eyes though. A local sewing store closed about a year ago and I got a flyer yesterday that announced their new opening at a different location. I remembered that they used to have bear making classes (the large stuffed kind, not tiny felted ones) and I went by on the off chance that they might have eyes. Lucky me they did! I bought 3 sets of both the 3 mm and the 4 mm sizes. Shocking how much these little things cost though!