Monday, September 20, 2004

A first.

The Green Possum Cardi is getting my first attempt at making short rows for bust shaping. After several unsuccessful attempts at picking up the wrap on the purl side, I finally got it. Turns out I was making things far more complicated than need be. Looks like the whole endevour will be quite successful. I have completed the cast off for the underarm and the sweater pieces should be complete in the next day or two.

No picture Kristo. Too many similar pictures becomes rather redundant.


Amie said...

Glad to hear you worked out the short row shaping. I think you'll really like the effect!

How do you like the possum yarn? I think that may be my next splurge purchase....

Marlene said...

Amie, the possum yarn is an absolute delight to work with. Even though I am knitting in stockinette (usually a total bore) I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. It is a tactile dream. I do get a litte fuzzy shedding happening, so have to throw on an old rag of a cover-shirt or risk making a mess of my clothes, but I hear that once it is washed the finished garment is fine. My blocked pieces look and feel great.

I was lucky in that the yarn was really not a huge splurge for me. I got it in a clearance bin for 60% off! It ended up costing about the same as a similar garment in a better quality acrylic would have. Lucky me!