Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It's a gonner.

I HAD typed out a whole long additon to my blog today (purposeless nonsense....a bit of a rant....but complete and ready to "publish") and Blogger ATE it. Gone it is. Out in the netherlands of "Technical Difficulties". Sorry, I am NOT willing to redo the whole thing.

In short form: I was out and about this morning attempting to do some photocopying. Mechanical contraptions and I are no longer on speaking terms.


Misa said...

I've only had Blogger eat one post so far.

However, my computer has what we think is a spot of bad memory and randomly freezes. (My husband would disagree with that... "Misa, computers are NEVER random." But it is. It hates me. He can be on for hours, then I sit down, start typing and BAM! Frozen.) So I sympathize. ;o)

Michelle said...

This just happened to me. The thing of it is, the original post is always better than the make-up one...probably because we're so bummed out that the first was turned to dust.