Saturday, September 11, 2004

Unfaithful to the Rogue

I haven't even begun the Rogue and I am already distracted by this yummy "Merino & Fur" wool spun in New Zealand.

It is 30% Possum and 70% Merino and absolutely lusciously soft.....AND.....(drum roll please!)....I got it at 60% OFF. I couldn't believe my luck! One of the local yarn shops is clearing out stock leftover from the previous owner. Regularly $10.95/50g ball, I got it for $4.38 Canadian....(that's $3.39 for you Americans). There were only two colors there, this foresty green and a mauve color. Worked out fine for me as I was wanting to knit a green sweater anyway....'cept it was supposed to be the Rogue.

This "Merino & Fur" does NOT work for the Rogue. I knew that. I swatched with it last night. It is far too fuzzy to display elaborate cables to good effect. It doesn't matter......after swatching with it I was hooked. I have now designed a simple zip front cardigan to work with this wool......and it is being knit FIRST, before the Rogue. Sorry Rogue honey, this shameless wool practically leaped into my back pocket. How could I resist? I even stayed up late into the night getting a good start on the sleeves. As soon as the yarn store opened this morning I went back to buy enough for the whole sweater.

Ahhhh, Bliss.

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Michelle said...

I can't blame you a bit for indulging in the Merino & Fur. I made my son a fisherman's scarf with it a couple of months ago and it's gorgeous. Have fun and enjoy your splurge...more time to think about what you'll choose to use to make your Rogue! [g]