Thursday, September 23, 2004


Today has not been a good day. Not only did I NOT win the house of my dreams, but it looks like I WILL have trouble finding a zipper to fit the Green Possum Cardi. *sigh* By staying up into the wee hours of the morning, I got a good start on finishing the cardigan up. I had a zipper sewn in and everything, but had to pull it back out today. It was just too heavy and stiff for the soft, flowing merino-possum yarn and it buckled and felt foreign to the drape of the garment. I ripped it out and went looking again.

The green of the yarn is not as bright or blue-ish as any of the zippers I have found, so I resorted to looking at beige or black zippers as well. If I am not too picky about color I can find zippers the right length, and I can find zippers the right weight. What I CAN'T find are zippers that are both the right weight and length at the same time!

I'm also second guessing myself about the collar. I had originally planned just an inch and a half of ribbing.....crew style collar. I am finding it is not laying properly and I am considering changing it to an actual collar. Decisions, decisions.

On a happier note, at least it fits! I have all the seams sewn, I have tried it on, and it fits. And ohhhh is it soft and comfy to wear.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marlene, just wondering if you had thought about looking at VV boutique or another second hand store for a zipper? I have a friend who actually takes out sweaters she finds and reknits them into scarves etc. Just a thought! Love your hair by the way!! Anne

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion Anne. I hadn't thought of looking for zippers there, but I have in the past gone looking for yarn.....either in bags or as "rippable" sweaters.