Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lifting everything but knitting needes.

I spent yesterday helping my daughter Kristy and her fiance move to a community farther away from us, but closer to where they both work. I am happy for them but sad for me. While she was still in college I got to see her every Friday....and she lived only a 1/2 hour away in a community that we shop in frequently anyway. Now she works long days, five days a week, and lives another 1/2 hour away and it requires a drive down a busy freeway. Our visits will be few and far between now. *sigh*


Michelle said...

It's hard letting them go. My son moved from S. Ontario to B.C. but I hope to have him back home and at least only an hour's drive away sometime next year.

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Marlene, sorry to hear your daughter had to move further away. I too know what that is like, only you still have it good compared to me. Try South Carolina for around 9 years now. Our daughter went to college down there because it was a Christian college with all the values we hold important....but..she was offered a job in a hospital in Pediatrics right before she graduated and later married etc. Talk about a hurting Mother, I missed her like crazy, but now am used to it. Hope I haven't hogged up to much of your space answering...come see some of my pictures from our recent trip to NYC when you have time, at your doggie pictures are so expressive and cute. She looks like a sweetheart.