Monday, September 13, 2004


The Green Possum Cardi is coming along nicely. A few more hours of knitting and TV watching has now brought me to the armholes of both sleeves. I made the mistake of wearing a light colored shirt and for the first time realized how much this yarn is shedding. I have heard that washing it before wearing it the first time helps to "lock in" the possum fibres so that shedding is minimized. I've also read that it "blooms" beautifully, becoming even softer and fluffier.

I am going on a bit of a road trip, which may or may not include some cruising of knitting stores. If I do my whining effectively, there is at least one yarn store in Nanaimo that I would like to visit.....possibly two. I am on a quest. The mission: To seek out and feel Lana Grossa Cool Wool for consideration as a Rogue builder.

Of course, during the road trip and long ferry ride to Vancouver Island, I will be knitting away happily on the Green Possum Cardi. I've gotten great advice from KnitReview members on how to place the planned bust darts.

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