Sunday, September 26, 2004

Working on the WIP pile.

Kristy almost tempted me to cast on for the Rogue, ignoring the existing WIPs for the time being. Almost. I balled one skein, sniffed the nice sheepy smell, then went to work on the Twisted Rib Tank. I want to work on the Rogue......REALLY want to work on the Rogue, but I also don't want these other projects hanging over me. I've come to a compromise.

FIRST I finish the Twisted Rib Tank. After all, it is nearly done anyway! Two day's work should have it done and packed away for next summer. Then I get going on the Rogue. The Bed and Breakfast Pullover will have to wait. I can use the Rogue NOW as a jacket in the fall weather, but the B&B is a pullover and will likely be too hot to get much wear. That's my rationalizing anyway, and I am sticking with it.

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