Sunday, October 24, 2004

3 in 1 day

I made three more of the "Timmie Cosies" yesterday. Kristy wanted one, so on the 50 minute drive to her apartment yesterday I made one. I also made another one while there visiting, so she got two. Then, on the trip back home, I made a third one. With the prototype done the previous day, that makes four in all, and I left two of them in the glove-box of our car for future use.

In Rogue News: I am working on the first sleeve. It is going quite well, but with my not so perfect gauge I think I had better block the body so I can get a better idea as to how much alteration will be necessary to the sleeve. I know that if I make them exactly as the pattern states they will come out too short. The Rogue pattern gives the row count for the sleeves, not the measured lengths and my row gauge is off.

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