Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Homemade Needles

For over a year I have been wanting to teach children to knit. I am considering going to the neighborhood elementary school to offer my services. Perhaps they could use a lunch time knitting club or something. Anyway, before I dive in too deep I want to get an idea of potential cost. Schools don't have much of a budget these days so I am guessing there would be ZERO funds available and I would have to cover any costs myself.

I have a small number of knitting worsted scraps, but not enough for more than a few kids to get started. I could probably get the most mileage for my $$ by buying one of those economy sized Super Saver acrylics and then re-balling them for multiple children/projects. As for needles, I have managed to make 9 inch 5mm needles for only about 44 cents per pair using dowels and dollar store wooden beads. I think they have turned out rather well.

I rubbed the needle shafts with candle wax then warmed them over a candle flame and rubbed them smooth. They work very well and are extremely light. Of course I have been spoiled by the slick surface of Addi Turbos and find that these drag a little, but I have heard that a little friction is desirable with new knitters......less dropped stitches.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marlene. I know in our school you would be grabbed up in a minute to teach an at lunch or afterschool knitting program. Consider going to an inner city school where a lot of kids never get that type of experience. You are right about funds, although an inner city school sometimes has $$ for this type of material. The one thing you would be asked to do is a criminal record check which all volunteers must now fill out. This is done by yourself and you have to take it to the police station yourself and it then takes a week or so to come back. Have fun! Anne

kristo said...

Wow! How creative! I love the fancy ends. Oooh, fancy shmancy. :-) I know you would be a great knitting teacher (after all, you did teach ME)