Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Note to Michelle - Problem with Rogue Cardigan

Michelle, for the life of me I can't remember your KnitReview ID name. I was going to leave you a private message there. Anyway, here will do:

I ran into a problem today with the cardiganizing of the Rogue. It is not a big problem.......if you know ahead of time. I didn't. *sigh*

In step # 6 where it says "bind off central 23 (23, 25, 25) sts of body back" DON'T FORGET THAT with the cardigan YOU HAVE ONE EXTRA STITCH! For the cardiganized Rogue it should read 24 (24, 26, 26). Dang! I have knit the whole upper back with one extra stitch on the left side. No where in the pattern does it give a further stitch count so I didn't even notice. Just suddenly, while working the fronts a little birdie whispered "where did that extra stitch on the back go.....hmmm?"

I think I am going to leave it, but for YOUR benefit I thought I would mention my boo boo.

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Michelle said...

Thanks very much for letting me know about this, Marlene. I would have done the same thing and I've already made one. [g] Unfortunately, you're the one finding the little things that need tweeking, first. I've jotted a note on the pattern as a reminder.