Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Baby Fluff

When my daughter came over for Thanksgiving on Sunday she brought her numerous knitting projects along. One of them was a cute baby sweater she is making for her friend. Just looking at and touching the tiny, pastel thing made me want to rush right out and buy yarn for a baby outfit.

And so I did.

This fluffy pink and white confection is not quite as innocent as it looks. It is a seductress, taking me temporarily away from knitting the Rogue. (Which by the way, I have nearly completed the back of).

I think I'll two-time today. I'll knit a little of them both.


Michelle said...

That certainly looks like confection. It is adorable. I'd love to make my daughter something like that for Christmas. What pattern are you using?

Marlene said...

I think I read somewhere that your daughter is only 18 months old? This pattern is likely too small. The largest size is to fit a 22" chest with a back length of 13". There are several Preemie sizes though.....from only 12"!

It is Stylecraft pattern #4855 and calls for Eskimo DK (the fluffy part) and Special DK for the trim.

Anonymous said...

Yes, my daughter is, well, 19 months old now. I think I can just take a plain sweater pattern and add the fur as trim on the cuffs and hem...possibly manage a different style collar to add the fur there as well. Hmmm, should be an interesting project.