Saturday, October 23, 2004

Timmie Cosie

Have you ever been handed a steaming hot coffee at your local drive through and found that it was just too hot to hold? Our local "Tim Horton's" doesn't double cup or put a sleeve on their paper coffee cups unless you ask......and we frequently forget to ask. I've decided to crochet a couple of "Timmie Cosies" to throw in the glove box for just such occasions.

I tried at first to knit one, but the cups are tapered and I found the shaping was faster and easier with crochet.

I had an empty Timmie's Cup to check the fit, but of course after I got the prototype done I had to make sure it actually worked. I am happy to report it fit just fine on both the large and extra large coffees and did a wonderful job of preventing burnt fingers.

It also fit an A&W drink cup....not that I would use it for that....just wanted to see if it was "universal". ;-)

1 comment:

kristo said...

hey mom, can you please, please, please make me one? that's awesome! (and i have the same problem)