Monday, October 04, 2004

My First Felted Project

I worked up a test sample last night to see if I could get my initials and the year to read correctly in intarsia. I want to put the date and my initials into the inside hem of the Rogue. I have also never tried felting before so I thought this little swatch would be "victim" of my first effort. No sense wasting that knitting time, and I think it will make a great bookmark for one of my knitting books.

Looking at it now, I realize that the WHITE is a superwash wool so it didn't felt. The grey was the wool I originally swatched with for the Rogue. The yarn was a bit fine for the Rogue so I ended up selecting something else. It DOES work for the hem of the Rogue though as I WANT that to be a finer weight yarn for two reasons. One, it will lay to the inside without bunching up, and two, it will create less bulk than a hem made of the full weight of the main yarn.

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