Friday, October 22, 2004

Rouge Hood

I have the hood of the Rogue done....this time correctly. I haven't blocked it yet so it looks a bit rumpled. This first picture shows detail of the cables.

This second photo shows a little better what it looks like on an actual head. To receive permission to use this photo I had to guarantee the anonymity of the model. ;-)

I am hoping that the puckering at the top of the hood will block out. It is more noticeable in the first picture than it is in the second one. I had read that some previous knitters of this pattern had had the same puckering problem.


kristo said...

hmmm, does that model look like a certain brother of mine? hmmm, i could be wrong.

Michelle said...

It looks great, Marlene!

I had the puckering until I blocked it. It looks fine now.