Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Small Projects For Children

Knowing that most children would not be too thrilled with knitting "practice squares" I have looked around the internet for simple projects. I found a couple of easy projects like earwarmer/hairbands and simple hats but there really isn't much available at the Brand New Beginner level. The usual "garter stitch scarf" seems too big and time consuming for that very first effort and a child's shorter attention span.

I have been designing a few simple little knitting projects for children. I felt that a simple bookmark could be a good teaching tool for Cast On, Knit, and Cast Off.

A "Mug Mat" or coaster, although much like a practice square, at least would have a purpose for being. It would be a good project for introducing purling and counting stitches.

And a little purse/bag takes a bit more effort and involves learning to decrease and make a button hole. I-cord for a handle is another easy to learn technique. This is a pattern that I adapted from one on the internet.

Maybe after getting a few quick to knit, near instant gratification projects under their belt the children would be ready for a full size scarf for themselves.


Michelle said...

Those are great projects, Marlene. They're nicer than some I've seen in beginner books for kids...ever think of publishing?

Robb Heaton said...

yeah, there really great, thanks

Anonymous said...

I'm a teacher from Sask (on mat leave this year). I started a knitting club in my class during the noon hour, one day a week. I personally bought cheap needles at $ stores, as well as yarn, and I used yarn from my scrap pile. We asked for donations, and we had a few needles given to us. Some of the kids already had yarn and needles, so they used their stuff. They even got really creative and started designing their own stuff. I taught crochet as well. The kids really loved it. If you end up with a large number of kids, get someone else to help, because when they all want help at the same time, and you only have the noon hour to do it (they have to eat too) you don't get much done. Good luck!

Marlene said...

I am hoping to start them in small groups of only two or three students. After they have individually been shown the basics I will bring them all together for general supervision.

cjbj said...

Cute projects. Did you ever get that off the ground?

Marlene said...

No, cjbj, I didn't. I approached the closest elementary school, but they didn't really seem interested....even though I was willing to do it for free.

That was 8 years ago, and now my days are so full I wouldn't take something like that on. But if I had an individual child, or small group of children, actually ask for instruction, I would do it for free. I'm just not going to run around trying to drum up interest.