Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Awesome Service from

Yesterday, late in the day, I wrote to Elann about the problem with the sock yarn. I included the picture of the mismatched socks. By 9:02 this morning I had already received an answer back, and a pleasant one at that.

Elann is sending two new balls of the yarn out to me tomorrow! They would also like me to send my remnants from the first batch back (at their expense) so that they can take the matter up with their Italian supplier to insure the problem doesn't occur again. Maybe they are also checking out my claim, but I did a lot of double checking of dye-lot numbers and pattern repeats, so I am sure they will reach the same conclusion. The dye sequence in one of the balls is off just enough to throw the pattern out....drastically.


Rabbitch said...

They're fabulous at Elann, aren't they? And why is your carpet always so clean? Mine is vile.

dragon knitter said...

you go girl! woohoo! happy for ya. sorry for the italian people who are catching doo doo for their error, lol