Saturday, February 19, 2005

More Baby Stuff

I had some leftover yarn after making a baby sweater:

and decided to make a matching hat and booties. The sweater pattern (from "Kids, Kids, Kids") did not have matching accessories so I had to invent them.

I adapted a little hat pattern I found on the internet. I changed pretty much everything about the pattern....the size, the number of stitches, and the stitch pattern. About all that remains is the original shape so I guess I can pretty much call it an original.

The booties are definitely my own original pattern. I've done enough baby socks with the toe-up, Magic Loop technique that I had no problem adapting the idea to make use of the pattern stitch used in the sweater. Under the little fold down cuff there is a snugger, closer fitting ribbing to hold them on.

To match the sweater better, it would have been nice to include ribbon in the hat and booties but I didn't want to compromise the stretch in these closer fitting items.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Iowa. Not sure how I located your blog, but now it's in my 'favorites'. You're a fabulous knitter and quite the sales woman. Because of you I have bought the Magic Loop book and bought the Merino hand lotion. Great stuff! Now you've brought up the Knitter's Finishing Technique book, and I'll be buying that when I go through Kansas (favorite knit shop: Yarn Barn) on vacation. Your monkey is so adorable; everyone needs a monkey! But I'm way behind in my projects and don't see a monkey in the near future. Best wishes from the US. Becky

Marlene said...

Hi Becky. Thanks for the compliments. "Monkey" is actually my daughter's creation. You must have followed my link to her blog without realizing it. ( ) I gave her the pattern book, which included the monkey pattern, for Christmas. With all she's accomplished, it's hard to believe she only started knitting last summer!

Leisel said...

Those baby booties are so incredibly adorable!

- Leisel

Maggie Ann said...

Your knitting is beautiful as always. I'm jealous :-)