Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Pair?

I know these socks don't look like identical twins, but do they at least look like they might be distantly related? Second cousins at least?

These socks are made from Elann's "Sock It To Me! Collection - Colori" in #30 "Cancun Fiesta". Both ball bands say they are Dye Lot 10. They should match. Obviously they don't.

I don't know why this has happened. I have made several pairs of socks with variegated or space dyed yarns, and they have always matched. I even carefully marked where to begin on both balls. After doing a couple of inches of the variegated yarn I realized that they were NOT matching. Thinking maybe I had somehow made a mistake and started at the wrong end of the ball, I ripped it out and started over at the other end of the ball. It didn't help. It turned out like the first had, with only a slight variation.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? Do you think Elann may have banded two different lots of yarn with the same dye lot number? Should I write to them?


Anonymous said...

That is odd.. does the yarn match up before it is knitted?

Marlene said...

Yes.....sort of. What I mean is the balls look the same, but when I pulled out a long length of yarn from each ball, the colors matched and the sequence of the colors matched, but over a longer length, the length of each repeat would start to vary.

The way the colors combine it gives the optical illusion that one has red in it while the other has hot pink. In actual fact, the colors of both balls look identical until they are blended while knitting. The "red" one has an orange color surrounding the pink, while in the "hot pink" one the pink is surrounded by blue. It is just enough of a difference to make them look like different colors altogether.

Rabbitch said...

Hmm, maybe you should send the gold folks at Elann a copy of the picture, tell them the problem and ask them if this has happened before.

I'm betting you anything that they'll come up with a solution. They're pretty decent folks over there, from what I can tell.

Rabbitch said...

That was supposed to be "the GOOD folks", not "the GOLD folks". My typing is as full of typos as my knitting is full of ... um ... knittos?

dragon knitter said...

wooo, marlene, i think rabbitch has come up with something new! knittos! i love it! and yes, you are right, they don't match at all, they don't even coordinate. i'm with rabbitch on that one, contact elann, i'm sure they'll be helpful. they got back to me in 2 days about the regia boots

vi said...

I love them...... for me I would just love it if all my socks were that mismatched
but I am rather left from center