Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"Little Man" Socks

An instant gratification project, toe-up baby socks done in "Fixation" cotton/elastic. I made one sock yesterday morning, and the second today. The pattern is included in the Magic Loop booklet. (They make an excellent "first socks" project, and are an easy item to learn the Magic Loop technique on.) With the cuff up they remind me of men's sport socks, but at only 4" long, they are SO cute!

I think I'll go start another pair. ;-)


Kimberly said...

Adorable socks!

Nothing like a little instant gratification. Once I'm brave enough to try the Magic Loop again, I may have to try to make these socks.

hockey mom said...

Wonderful socks! I have the book, make adult socks using the method, but haven't tried a pattern from the book yet.

Hmm, yours looks so good, I might have to try that pattern out.

HomeJewel said...

So cute!! I just made my first pair of socks (toddler size) using the Magic Loop method. Did the booklet explain how to knit two at a time using this method? I love the work socks, too!

Marlene said...

No "home jewel" the booklet doesn't explain how to do two at once.....but that IS how I do them now. Some heels work that way and others don't. I have taken to doing "after thought heels" when I do two at once.