Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Blogger's Block

Word's fail me right now, but I wanted to check in to let my loyal readers know that I am still alive and knitting. I must have some loyal readers, my hits are up. Hmmm....maybe it is just ONE obsessed and persistent stalker.

In the past couple of days I have finished another pair of baby socks, but they are identical to the ones I've pictured before.....same yarn and everything so not very picture worthy.

I've also been working on a red ACKrylic vest. Lots and lots of fisherman's rib......also not very picture worthy at the moment. It's gotten boring so I've temporarily dropped it in favor of working on The Celtic Knot Pullover done in Stone Cotton. More details to follow.


siren416 said...

Is kids, kids, kids a book? I would like to find it. Also, would you be willing to share your pattern for the socks and booties? Thanks.

Fraggle said...

I'm a loyal reader, I don't comment, but I check everyday to see what's going on. You inspire me to keep trying in everything. Well, off to take a test for nursing school, see you on KR!